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Battle of the High-End Downtown PriceChoppers

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Richard Meier's Perry Street Towers are very slowly loosening their death grip on extravagant boom-time pricing. Last week there was Curbed hero Keith Jacobson's $2 million chop at his Perry Street combo condo. Now under the knife is this 173 Perry Street triplex penthouse, which first asked $25 million in January. As of Friday, the price is 14 percent lower, down to $21.5 million. This one's a combo of #13N and #PH-N, created by financier Gilbert Lamphere. Back in its single gal days, #PH-N belonged to Martha Stewart.
And maybe there's some kind of pricechop fever sweeping through the penthouses in a certain part of Manhattan, because also under the axe last week was #PHE at 43 Wooster Street. The duplex penthouse already made it into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame last time it was on the market in 2008, but we're starting to suspect a compulsion, because it hasn't stopped chopping. It returned to market in November asking $5.9 million and now wants $5.25 million, 11 percent less. Will someone please put this penthouse out of its misery?
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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014