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Walking Up for a Discount; a Financial Fugitive's Cast-off; More!

1) Sure, needing an oxygen tank to get home can be a drag, but buyers on the fourth or fifth floors of walk-up buildings might find their climbs rewarded with better views, private outdoor space, or deals. One walk-up one-bedroom at 334 East 83rd Street is on the market for $400,000, compared to a one-bed in a nearby elevator building for $445,000. Plus, gym membership savings! ['The Everest Advantage']

2) Joining the exodus of sports-related peeps from One Beacon Court is Victor Vargas, owner of the Lechuza Caracas polo team. Vargas got $17,817,734 for his penthouse, which he bought for $16.75 million in 2006. [Big Deal/'No Longer Saddled with a Pied-a-Terre']

3) This hunter wanted a two-bedroom apartment with enough space for a growing boy, but with a budget of $700,000, she didn't find much. Once she upped her budget, she found a place on East 36th Street for $764,500. But noise from the Queens-Midtown Tunnel is particularly loud at 6 a.m., and her son thinks his new bedroom is about the same size as his old one, the ingrate! [The Hunt/'For This Hunter, a Place With Space for Later']

4) Bernie Madoff's penthouse is off the market, but there's still financial fugitive inventory out there. Hotelier Stanley Tollman, who fled to London in 2002 to escape tax evasion and fraud charges, is now selling his 485 Park Avenue apartment. He's asking $12 million for the full-floor pad and a staff studio on another floor. The proceeds will probably go toward the $100+ million Tollman owes as part of his plea deal, so think of it as a donation. [Big Deal/'Maybe He'll Move to a Hotel']

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