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Stalled 45-Story West Side Tower Downsized?

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The original Hell's Kitchen Swimming Hole was drained, and now another wet 'n wild (and inactive) construction site is on the endangered list. The pit for the Moinian Group's Atelier II tower on the far end of West 42nd Street is getting ready for at least a partial plugging. Signs have gone up at 605 West 42nd Street announcing "the West Side's hottest retail opportunity," a narrow blockfront of two-story glass that's a far cry from the 45-story, 764-unit residential tower that was planned for this site. That slanting residential high-rise, given some Curbed love way back in 2006, was to be architect Costas Kondylis' sibling to his original Atelier nearby. Is the hunt for retail tenants a sign that the tower has escaped arrested development purgatory? We'll have a lifeguard on duty keeping watch.

The floorplans (Warning: PDF) from the folks at Winick show that there's 100,000 total square feet available, spread over two floors above ground with another chunk down below. That's just a drop in the bucket of the full footprint for this site, which runs for a lengthy 450 feet along West 43rd Street and stretches another 200 feet along the full block of Eleventh Avenue. Foundations and footings for the tower were set in place months ago, but since then the big tub has seen little action. Winter brought buckets of wet stuff and now the site is a placid lake of murky green reflecting the towers above. When the holes gets filled and new retail arrives, the residents across the street at the recently opened Silver Towers will no longer have lakefront vistas to gaze at.
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605 W 42nd St

605 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10036

Atelier II

605 West 42nd Street, New York, NY