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$20 Million Buys a Lot of Marble and Mahogany on the UES

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Seen one $20 million Upper East Side townhouse, seen 'em all, right? Not quite. We direct your attention to 2 East 80th Street, a five-story marble mansion of grand provenance, the tale of which was told last week by the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil. The listing for the 25-foot-wide home?which has as many fireplaces as bedrooms (six)?has gone live with some tiny pictures that don't really do the place justice, but are sure fun to look at anyway. Designed in 1915 by C.P.H. Gilbert, the house has held on to its original bronze front gate, plaster friezes and moldings?but it lost some of its purpose along the way, and is now divided into what looks like two apartments. The seller is an heiress living in Australia who bought the place for $16.5 million two years ago. Maybe word of Manhattan's market troubles since '08 haven't reached Down Under yet.

The listing is a Dolly Lenz affair, so you know there's going to be some sizzle. Indeed, 2 East 80th Street is "the most distinguished home on the market today," and that dining room is not just a dining room, it's a Sumptuous Mahoganey Paneled dining room. As for the floorplan, is it just us or does that elevator only travel between the second and third floors?
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