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Condo Board Tells Residents to Use Nice Words, Or Else

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Usually it's co-op board antics that leave us wondering what exactly goes on behind those gilded co-op walls, but today's culprit is a condo board. Specifically, the board of 310 West 52nd Street, aka The Link. A StreetEasy poster shares a memo sent out yesterday by the condo board about new measures meant to protect building residents from verbal abuse by other building residents. Wha?

In summary, the Resolution provides that the Board has the authority to impose $500.00 fines for each instance of a reported occurrence of any verbal abuse, or otherwise harassing behavior by a Unit Owner, tenant, or occupant of the Condominium towards any fellow Unit Owner, tenant or occupant or to any of the Condominium's staff and/or other employees.

In addition, this Resolution provides that the Board has the authority to revoke the use of the concierge and other non-emergency staff related services for a period of time if a Unit Owner, tenant or occupant fails or refuses to treat the building staff and other employees in a respectful and professional manner. The Board does not take the issue of abusive behavior toward the residents and employees lightly and will do everything within its power to insure the safety and security of the residents and employees of the 310 West 52nd Street Condominium.

We've heard rumors from a building resident about a rift between the board and residents and some verbal sparring that's taken place, but nothing that can be backed up enough to please our lawyers. Brick Underground asks whether the memo is legal. But we really just want to know: what is going on at this building that this memo needed to be sent out?
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