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Fort Greene's Solis Launches Its Yard Sale

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Location: 174 Clermont Avenue between Willoughby and Myrtle
Size: Nine 969- to 2,045-square-foot units
Prices: $675,000 to $1.25 million on five released listings
Architect: Jung Wor Chin
Developer: We don't know!
Sales & Marketing: Halstead Property Development Marketing
Lowdown: New to the Fort Greene residential scene is Solis (not to be confused with Eater's Nightlife Editor Scott Solish), a stone's throw from the much bigger neighborhood newbie Clermont Green. While many new Fort Greene buildings are fighting for a slice of the rental pie, Solis is hoping to lure buyers with floor-to-ceiling windows, "European-style detailing" and a taste of the great outdoors. Three of the homes have private yards, and everyone else will just have to content themselves with things a little less suburban: private balconies/terraces and the common rooftop garden. The units are broken up thusly: 2BR, 2BA simplexes; 3BR, 3BA duplexes; a 3BR, 3BA triplex. The full website, which is in teaser mode right now, should be fully up and running shortly.
· Listings: Solis [Halstead]
· Official website: Solis []
· The Solis Launches [Brownstoner]


174 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205


174 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY