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Introducing Williamsburg's 'Pee-Pee Park' (or is it 'Crap Alley'?)

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This dirt patch is the "wraparound private yard" that comes with unit #1A at new Williamsburg condo building 5 Roebling Street. Up those stairs is the maisonette entrance into the 2BR, 2BA, 857-square-foot unit, which is asking $660,000. All of this was brought to our attention by the Bad Advice blog, the proprietor of which lives next door to 5 Roebling and whose peaceful slumber was ruined by construction on more than one occasion. Payback time! Bad Advice is now running a reader contest to name the yard (the prize is $50 to charity), though these suggestions ain't bad: "I've already seen several people using it as a toilet, so I'm thinking something like 'Pee-Pee Park' or 'Crap Alley.'" Other nominees so far include Bloomturd Mews and Date Rape Alley. Join the fun!
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