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A-Rod's Landlord Wants $55M for 15 Central Park West Combo

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One thing we know about octogenarian steel magnates: They don't give a shit about which way the market winds are blowing. So while some real estate watchers may think it's silly to list an apartment for $55 million these days, Leroy Schecter thinks otherwise. And besides, this is the bulletproof, bubbleproof and balloonproof 15 Central Park West we're talking about! The Observer reports that Schecter's two units, combined into an eight-bedroom spread on the 35th floor, are "quietly on the market" for that astounding amount, which works out to $10,576/sq ft. "Quietly" means no listing to gawk at (the priciest viewable 15 CPW listing right now is $21M three-bedroom), and Schecter must be a huge Selling New York fan, because a CORE broker is reportedly marketing the place. We can think of one 'roid popping future hall of famer who might be interested!
When Schecter was renting the units as separate pieces, a battle broke out between Alex Rodriguez and less-famous-rich-dude Henry Silverman over the larger #35A, which Schecter bought for $10.4 million back in 2008. Silverman came away with the pad for $40,000 per month, and A-Rod dusted himself off and took the smaller #35B for $30k/month after being denied a discount. Schecter paid $8.5 million for that unit, bringing his 15 CPW tab up to $18.9 million. Henry Silverman has since moved on to this beauty, so maybe Schecter's other old tenant?whose epic housing hunt has been documented in the papers for years?will step up to the plate. But seriously, $55 million?
· Steel Magnate Lists 15CPW Condo for $55 M. [NYO]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023