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'70s NYC Skyline Lives on in Brooklyn Storage Locker

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What you see above?and oh, by the way, what you see above is 10 massive chairs displaying a few dozen landmark NYC buildings?was recently unearthed in a Brooklyn storage locker by a Curbed reader. Now, here's how this is going to work: We're going to tell you the story behind this masterpiece of boardroom machismo as told by the man who stumbled upon it, but if you want to skip the explanation and just continue believing that this furniture?if such a hollow word can be used to describe such treasures?was forged out of unobtainium by the gods of Mt. Olympus following a Big Apple bender, then stop reading here. We won't blame you.

Here's how our guy tells it:

They are currently in my storage locker in Brooklyn, the set belongs to my brother in law. He acquired it through a series of business deals but I am not sure of the details. It has been sitting in the storage unit for a number of years until I opened it up a few months ago. Before that I am told it functioned as a boardroom table for several different companies in NYC and LA.

The table was created by the artist Frank Peter Siciliano in the late 70's and titled "Manhattan Suite." It was purchased by Automotive Tycoon Malcolm Bricklin for ~250K in 1977 and changed ownership a number of times since (pretty cheap for that much real estate eh?!).

It is composed of 10 chairs displaying 40 landmark buildings around NYC during that time, including the then new WTC towers. The chairs are made of Cherry wood and stand between 5'6" tall and 6'6" tall. The chairs sit around a massive 5' x 15' marble and granite table and when positioned correctly recreate 1977 New York.

I am working on getting the piece into a NYC museum because frankly they are way too interesting to be locked away in a Brooklyn storage unit!

Siciliano's website has a couple of pictures of the fully assembled Manhattan Suite back in happier times. While we agree that the set shouldn't be left to gather dust in a storage locker, we think it would probably be better served sitting in the Curbed HQ conference room than in a museum. Right? Hands off, Donald Trump!
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UPDATE: As commenters have pointed out, some included buildings were actually '80s additions to the Gotham skyline. The plot thickens!