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Villagers Present NYU With New List of Commandments to Break

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For three years NYU officials have been meeting with a group called the Community Task Force on NYU Development, made up of Greenwich Village neighbors, preservationists and politicians concerned about the school's massive expansion plan. The goal was to create a set of development guidelines that NYU could follow to minimize panic and rioting over the school's further takeover of the neighborhood. We're now a mere three weeks from the official debut of NYU 2031, and the task force is not pleased with what's leaked already, so they've issued new recommendations for NYU to crumple up and play trashcan basketball with. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation summarizes the main points:

·NYU should first seek to locate new facilities in satellite locations OUTSIDE of the Village and surrounding area · NYU must demonstrate why new facilities need to be located in the already-oversaturated Village

· NYU should respect and maintain the low-scale, moderate density, historic character of our neighborhoods

· The addition of 3 million square feet of space in the Village by NYU would be overwhelming · Plans NYU has previously shown to shoehorn massive new development into the protected open space on the “superblocks” located south of Washington Square Park are totally unacceptable

· NYU should support and respect the South Village Historic District as proposed by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and nearly-universally supported in the community; the university should refraining from demolition, new construction and alterations until the area is designated and subject to the landmarks regulation process

· NYU must consider additional areas for potential satellite locations, including the Financial District and Long Island City, and should examine the scores of stalled and abandoned construction projects throughout the city to potentially address some of their facility needs while also eliminating these blights from neighborhoods

Concludes the GVSHP, "Much of NYU’s 2031 plan appears to directly contradict these recommendations." Yep, should be a fun 20 years!
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