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Party Boy Bounced From Illegal Williamsburg Hotel?

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Last summer a Daily News writer paid $100 to spend a night in a tent on the roof of a South Williamsburg building at 188 South 8th Street. This was the Hotel Toshi, an apartment building acting as hotel run by party promoter, sometime actor and one-time Conan O'Brien running gag Toshi. Toshi is not shy about publicity, but did he attract too much attention to this operation? Perhaps!

Residential buildings operating as illegal hostels and hotels have become a sore subject in failed-condo-heavy Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and soon Queens Crap was on the case. A neighbor later wrote us in an attempt to call more attention to the property: "If you look up the property on the DOB website it is supposed to be residential apartments, and I can assure that since the building is zoned in a residential district it isn't allowed to be a commercial hotel!" Recently the DOB received a wave of complaints against the building, and now, a tipster reports, the Hotel Toshi has cleared out and taken their name off the buzzers. There are still short-term availabilities listed, so maybe the rooftop camp-outs aren't kaput just yet. Someone kick us a S'more.
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