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Hey 75 Wall Residents: Keep Your Damn Dogs Off the Roof

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An excerpt from the memo sent to residents at 75 Wall Street, the luxury condo conversion that also houses the new Andaz hotel:

Unfortunately the Management Office continues to receive numerous complaints regarding pets throughout the building. Pets continue to be brought to the Rooftop Terrace to urinate and defecate and there have been numerous sightings of dogs running freely in hallways ... Additionally, we kindly ask that all dog owners and/or dog walkers bring dogs away from the main entrance of the building to “do their business.” Allowing dogs to urinate and defecate right in front of the main entrance is unsightly, not to mention that the smell of urine and feces is unpleasant as one is entering the building.Maybe they should throw in some air fresheners with those $8 million penthouses.
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75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY