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I.M. Pei-Designed Penthouse Suffers Dramatic $400 Price Drop

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Hey, remember the Centurion? It only happens to be the first residential condominium in the world designed by the iconic I.M. Pei's Pei Partnership Architects, a palace of unadorned limestone and cascading terraces comprising "48 important condominium residences," as the website (warning: soothing meditative soundtrack) helpfully informs us. But for such a weighty piece of starchitecture, the Midtown building has flown under the radar. A handful of units have sold, but nothing since 2009 (construction holdups?). This week, the building's #PH2B returned to the market with a new broker after a year-and-a-half absence. The price on the 2,738-square-foot 3BR condo back in '08? $11.5 million. The price now? $11,499,600, a sharp .00347% drop. Oh harsh real estate market, does your cruelty know no end? A few other Centurion listings have also just popped up, but there's a bit of wackiness going on, like multiple listings for the same unit with different asking prices. Maybe we're just not important enough to understand.

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