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Williamsburg's Gretsch Building Has Great Expectations

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Williamsburg pioneer condo conversion The Gretsch has never been exactly modest when it comes to resale asking prices. But lately the pricing seems to have gotten a little more, ah, aspirational, to the tune of asking prices that are near double the last sales prices. #2F hit the market earlier this month asking $885,000 after selling for only $455,286 in 2005. Unit #4E wants $765,000, compared to an '05 sales price of $466,440. Apartment #3B, which sold in '05 for $599,749, is now asking $1.195 million. So how's that workin' out for ya, Gretsch? Unit #4E is still holding steady at its initial resale ask, but #2F already took a 4 percent trim, to a new ask of $849,000, after less than two weeks on the market. Are all Gretch sellers this optimistic?
Turns out there are a few Gretsch owners who aren't hoping to reap quite such significant profits when they leave. #6A, a 1BR, 1.5BA that came on the market earlier this month, is asking $749,000 compared to a 2005 sale price of $626,223. And music video director Ed Steinberg, who bought #5Q for $1.047 million, is trying to unload it for $1.295 million, after coming down from a slightly higher $1.349 million. Bets on which unit will sell first and for how much? Place 'em here!
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