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Silverstein's WTC Tower 3 Far From a Sure Thing

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The handshakes and bro hugs having been completed, we're learning more about the tentative agreement regarding the problem-plagued redevelopment of the World Trade Center. Ruh-roh, the stumpitechture is back! If developer Larry Silverstein can't raise $300 million and pre-lease 400,000 square feet of space for the Richard Rogers-designed Tower 3, then, the Times reports, he will build a five-story retail base by 2013 and add the other 66 stories later. (Norman Foster's Tower 2 is already shelved indefinitely.) For reaction we turn, as always, to the Post's Steve Cuozzo, who is pretty worked up. "The 'agreement' poses more riddles than the Sphinx," he writes, adding: "Bloomberg -- who hasn't even been able to reopen Tavern on the Green -- made it sound like new towers will be popping up overnight." Low blow! Bloomberg's been busy doing manual labor with Jay-Z. Cut the guy some slack!
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