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Five FiDi Buildings Evacuated After Frightening Crane Mishap

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There were tense nerves but no injuries last night when the boom of a 250-foot-tall crane tipped and fell onto the top floors of the 25-story office building at 80 Maiden Lane and dangled over the streets. The crane, 1010 WINS reports, "had been authorized to lift mechanical equipment, such as large cooling units, to the roof of the building that was struck," but workers had already left for the day when the accident happened. A chunk of 80 Maiden Lane's facade was damaged. The crane was righted and removed overnight, and NotifyNYC says residents were evacuated from 2 Gold Street and 80, 83, 90 and 100 Maiden Lane. They were allowed to return home this morning.
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2 Gold Street

2 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038