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9/11 Memorial Pools Get Framed; 200 West Open for Business

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FIDI?The Port Authority announced today that the two reflecting pools that are the signature element of the National September 11 Memorial have been completely framed in steel, and 60% of the concrete is poured. This is "tangible evidence," the WTC Progress website notes, "that the project is proceeding toward its scheduled opening on the 10th anniversary." True, but it's also supposed to close the day after the 10th anniversary for more construction. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UWS?The leasing office at 200 West, aka The Corner, is up and running. According to a press release, one of the most talked about new buildings on the Upper West Side will greet its first renters on April 1. There are 45 different layouts to chose from right off the bat, and the building has 196 units total. No opening date yet on the building's Trader Joe's store, but September was the last estimate. [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Corner

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