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DoBro Ghost Tower Oro to World: Who's Laughing Now?

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Downtown Brooklyn arrested development poster child Oro has not been shy about trying new strategies in search of buyers. First there were the PriceChops, then the introduction of a rent-to-own option, then approval for FHA and Veteran's Administration loans. And now Oro's about ready to tell all its doubters to take that, because the building is 50 percent sold. More than 152 units have sold, and StreetEasy shows 57 units in contract and discounts on recently closed apartments hovering around 20 percent. (Seems like the Chopper is the only surefire solution in Brooklyn these days.) We're not sneezing at Oro's success, but with new eye-poppers like Toren now on the scene, how long will it take Oro's remaining 50 percent to sell, and at what price?
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306 Gold Street

306 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY