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Water Tower Penthouse Shows Off Its $2.495 Million Views

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In a moneymaking move, the board of the St. George Tower co-op at 111 Hicks Street said last week that it would be putting its 30th floor, the former home of the building's water tanks, up for sale for $2.495 million. The listing is now online, with a few more looks at the 5,025-square-foot raw apartment (including outdoor space) and the views the co-op board hopes will bring in the big bucks. And if that doesn't satisfy, Gothamist has its own set of photos. Just don't stand too close to the terrace wall while reading the monthly maintenance charge: $5,913.
· Listing: 111 Hicks Street [Sotheby's]
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St. George Tower

111 Hicks Street, Brooklyn, NY