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Cheapest Soho Rental Ever; Nolita's Housing Shortage; More!

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1) What's the sweetest deal in Soho? How about $80 a month for an apartment at 63 Thompson Street (right)? But that's all about to change as the city hands over the five-story building to a nonprofit that will continue operating it as affordable housing, but with rents starting at $800 per month. Tenants being booted for the building's renovation fear they'll never be able to return. It's also not looking good for the building's vintage boutique, Laurel Canyon. ['Tenants $tung by SoHo nonprofit'/NYP]

2) The family that buys Long Island City condos together, stays together? Such is the story of this week's The Hunt, featuring a young married couple's Astoria vs. LIC housing hunt and the brother that joins in on the fun. In the end it comes down to Hunters View vs. L Haus, but here are some words of wisdom about the LIC condo boom as a whole: "Quite frankly, a lot of the one-bedrooms were kind of small relative to prices." [The Hunt/'All in the Family']

3) Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. successfully killed off the plan to turn the vacant and landmarked Kingsbridge Armory into a mall. Now he's maybe setting his sights on higher office, but oops, that pesky empty Kingsbridge! His solution: The third task force to study redevelopment options. Said one Bronx pol, "No one's been able to do anything with this thing, and now he comes along and stops the only development that seemed to have a chance." ['Empty armory haunting ambitious Bronx beep'/NYP]

4) This week's Living In throws the spotlight on the gentrification war zone of Nolita, and even interviews anti-Shake Shack shock troop Debra Zimmerman. Let's talk about real estate: According to broker and ScarBow resident Andrew Anderson, there are only around two dozen units for sale in the neighborhood, and Billy Joel just snatched up one of them! [Living In: Nolita/'A Time Capsule Invaded']

5) About 40 rowhouses on Manida Street in the Bronx managed to stay classy while Hunts Point turned into a war zone, and now residents of the little oasis are thinking about pushing for landmark status. Awesome shit-was-bad-my-man quote time: "When I first started doing walking tours in the 1970s there were two neighborhoods I wouldn't go into: Hunts Point and Red Hook. They were peninsulas, and you couldn’t get out if a gang confronted you." [Posting/'Protecting an Array of Gems in the Bronx']

Kingsbridge Armory

29 W. Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10468

L Haus

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