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LIC Almost Rollin'; Trump Jersey City Lures FHA Buyers

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LIC?That fuzzy cam-phone shot at right of a crate filled with rolling pins is not just any crate filled with rolling pins! Those are some of the ornaments that will soon be affixed to the facade of the Breadbox, the ODA-designed bakery that took the place of an old Long Island City auto body shop. We're getting pumped! Er, pinned! [CurbedWire Staff]

JERSEY CITY?Two things we're not used to seeing in the same sentence: The Trump name and FHA mortgages. But these are strange times for the Trump Plaza Jersey City (now known as Trump Plaza Residences Jersey City), the 55-story waterfront luxury condo tower?a second planned tower got scraped?that is now moving units thank to the availability of FHA-insured loans and the 3.5% down payments they allow. According to a press release, over half of the building's 443 units have sold (1BRs start in the mid $400,000s; 2BRs in the mid-$600,000s). Though the Trumps don't have much to do with the actual building, Ivanka is splashed all over the website. [CurbedWire Inbox]