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Williamsburg Terrace Taking Shape on Bedford Ave.

[Photos by Will Femia.]

The development partnership known to one and all as Quadriad once envisioned building a skyscraper city on the north side of Williamsburg, before zoning battles, the economy and common sense stepped in. Quadriad then moved ahead with the as-of-right portion of the project, dubbed Williamsburg Terrace, and though the road has been bumpy and/or sinking, a pair of five-story buildings are now up along North 3rd Street. The one along Bedford Avenue?peep the fresh Duane Reade signage!?is much further along (and is also a rumored potential Starbucks location), while over on Berry Street, things have a ways to go. The architects calling the shots are RKT&B, if we're not mistaken. Williamsburg diehards should love the location, no?
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Williamsburg Terrace

197 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY