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$3.25M Tribeca Townhouse Comes With Yoko Ono's Mail

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Aside from a few eye-catching colors, there isn't much that's wacky in the design of this townhouse at 1 White Street in Tribeca, which breaks down to an owner's triplex above a soup and sandwich restaurant that rents the ground floor. But that's okay, because what the house may lack in interior amusements it makes up for with a quirky celebrity pedigree. Here, we'll let the listing explain: "Perhaps its most famous (if briefest) incarnation was as the Nutopian Embassy. In an attempt to avoid deportation in 1973, John Lennon and Yoko Ono applied to the UN for 'diplomatic immunity' as ambassadors of the 'conceptual country' of Nutopia. They...specified that the Embassy was located at One White Street. The current owners still receive letters of sympathy intended for Yoko Ono, and the house is occasionally photographed by John Lennon fans." How much to have your picture taken way too early in the morning by the kind of Lennon fans obsessive enough to know what the Nutopian Embassy is? That would be $3.25 million. Better invest in some stylin' pajamas!

· Listing: 1 White Street [Vandenberg]

1 White Street

1 White Street, New York, NY