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The Related Revolving Door; Jersey's CANCOriffic CANCOlofts

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RELATEDVILLE—A tenant commenting on the above memo that was e-mailed to residents in Related buildings: "I will now fart every time I use the revolving door, as the increased air flow will help heat the building." The more you know... [CurbedWire Inbox]

JERSEY CITY?A press release touting the amenity-rich and FiDI-resident-stealing lifestyle at Jersey City factory conversion CANCOlofts really CANCObangs home the CANCOmessage, don't you CANCOthink? Check out this CANCOexcerpt:

Johnny Cruz and his wife, Lizza Cruz, formerly of lower Manhattan, searched throughout the New York metropolitan area for a year and a half before buying a condominium at CANCOlofts, the hip industrial-to-residential conversion of the former American Can Co. building at 50 Dey St. in Jersey City, N.J. As an architect, Johnny Cruz was drawn to the building's unique design elements: the famed industrial art deco architecture; the soaring ceilings -- "you just can't beat 14-foot ceilings," he says; the lobby, with a television wall for displaying video art designed by the avant-garde Manhattan design firm LOT-EK; and the chic finishes, including glass tile accents and gleaming white-lacquered custom cabinetry.

But what Johnny, 37, and Lizza, 34, Cruz, who moved into their loft three months ago, didn't anticipate about living at CANCOlofts was the way in which the building's lavish 10,000 square feet of amenities fosters a sense of community, helping them to make friends with their neighbors and providing fun spaces in which to hold social gatherings for friends and relatives.

"We're surprised at how many friends we've made in such a short time," Johnny Cruz said. "The residents here are super -- nice, stylish, accomplished. The quality of the space at CANCO attracts a great group of people."

Johnny Cruz is a member of a group of residents who play basketball every Tuesday night at CANCOhoops, the building's half basketball court, and the couple, who are expecting a baby, recently held a shower for more than 40 guests in CANCOparty, the private party room that residents can rent for personal functions or events. CANCOlofts' other sociable amenity spaces include CANCOchill, the resident's lounge, which offers two championship billiards tables and two flat-screen televisions; CANCOfun, which offers foosball and air hockey game tables; and CANCOkids, a play area for young children.

"If we had had the shower in our condo, it would have been cramped," Johnny Cruz said. "But everyone was very comfortable at CANCOparty. And it allowed all my guests to have a wonderful time."

CANCOlofts' amenities, which also include a 24/7 concierge service; CANCOsweat, a fitness center; CANCOstretch, a floor exercise area for yoga and light weights; CANCOpow, a boxing area; CANCOflicks, a screening room with stadium seating; and CANCOpooch, a dog-walking area, have a strong appeal for prospective buyers, said Jodi Stasse, CANCOlofts' director of marketing and sales.

[CurbedWire Inbox]