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LIC's Solarium Thinks It Knows Which Way the Wind Blows

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Location: 5-43 48th Avenue, Long Island City
Size: 35 units
Prices: $439,000 to $991,000
Architect: An engineer named Rudolph Shatarah is listed on building permits, but architect Tony Musso consulted on green features.
Developer: 543 Ventures
Sales & Marketing: Nancy Packes Inc.
Lowdown: Long Island City's Solarium opens next month with a few newfangled notions about energy efficient living. The building is made from recycled steel and concrete, and the roof's paved with rubber from used tires. Fun! Most greenly, as The Daily News reports, the building is topped by a wind turbine, the first of its kind, which will help power the building's common areas and elevator. The apartments have no bathtubs, and the marketing team's choice of website music tends toward the bizarre, but hey, the models in the pictures don't seem bothered by those things, so why should you be?
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Solarium Condominium

5-43 48th Avenue, Queens, NY


5-43 48th Avenue, Queens, New York