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Three Isn't the Magic Number at Gehry's Beekman Tower

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There's a problem with Frank O. Gehry's mammoth erection, and it's not shrinkage?but it's related! During the darkest days of the recession, when developer Forest City Ratner threatened to cut Gehry's 76-story Beekman Tower in half, a deal was struck to lower construction expenses on the Financial District rental tower (which will also contain an elementary school), and its full-on FOGginess was saved. But in a cost-cutting move, it was decided that the Beekman's undulating facade would only cover three sides of the building. A necessary evil, perhaps, but a total bummer. A Curbed reader opines:

I was out and about in FiDi and took this picture because i couldn't help but realize - while everyone is talking about the cool wavy front facade, apparently Gehry's got no love for the backside. It's totally lame-o boring! Boo.The matter has been discussed before, but as the Beekman's stunner of a facade climbs higher and higher, the disappointment regarding the flattened fourth side grows. But is it totally lame-o boring? And more importantly, will the apartments without curves be cheaper, or does everything get the starchitecture markup?
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