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Tweet Us Trivia, Win a Greenwich Village Townhouse Tour!

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Hey, townhouse-obsessed Curbed readers, today could be your lucky day! Thanks to the good folks at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, we're giving away two tickets to the GVSHP Village House Tour being held on Sunday, May 2. What will those golden tickets get ya? Access to six townhouses, described on GVSHP's website and pictured above, which would otherwise cost you at least $600. To win, keep an eye on our Twitter stream this afternoon. We'll tweet a trivia question related to Village townhouses, and we'll pick a winner from those who tweet the correct answer to us @Curbed. And yes, we know you don't actually have to follow us on Twitter to enter the contest, but have a heart and follow us anyway.
· Village House Tour Benefit 2010 [GVSHP]