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WTC's Tower 3 Stumpitechture to Last Until 2020?

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Today the Post's Steve Cuozzo continues his one-man-wrecking-crew analysis of the tentative agreement over the redevelopment of the World Trade Center, and he doesn't think architect Richard Rogers should clear his schedule for a Tower 3 ribbon-cutting anytime soon. Cuozzo writes that according to the terms of the deal, developer Larry Silverstein might not start building the 71-story skyscraper until 2020. And don't even bother bringing up Tower 2. Cuozzo also dresses down the retail-loaded stumpitechture that will serve as the placeholder for Tower 3, calling it a "Trojan Horse for what the PA really wants -- an underground network of steel and mechanical systems in 3 WTC's foundation, which the agency needs to support the PATH terminal next door." But all is not delays and enraged ink-stained wretches down at ground zero!

In response to yesterday's CurbedWire update on construction progress at the National September 11 Memorial, a Port Authority spokesman tells us that the Memorial Plaza's opening on the tenth anniversary of the attacks will not be a one-day affair, as had been expected. The PA is "developing a plan to provide controlled access since the Memorial abuts some of the other projects that will still be under construction." Roaring waterfalls next to buzzing construction sites? That might make for an interesting visual. The September 11 Museum is still slated to open one year after the Memorial Plaza. That sound you hear is every Port Authority employee knocking on wood in unison.
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