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Trashier Park: Washington Square or McCarren?

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Last summer, heaping mounds of overflow garbage in Prospect Park became a media mini-sensation, forcing the Parks Department to eventually address the situation. Cleanliness is next to godliness, of course, but is a public shaming the only way to get results? Due to the department's budget cuts, maybe, and people growing tired of the mess are picking up on that. But with high season for discarded ice cream wrappers soon to be upon us, a dilemma: Which park is truly worthy of our outrage?

One Curbed reader already filed a rant on the mess at the revamped section of Washington Square Park, and now another Curbed reader is joining the chorus: "Despite the multi million dollar renovation underway at Washington Square Park, trash is only picked up once a day. During days with great weather and thousands of visitors, trash continues to overflow the insufficient supply of trash cans." Photo above!

But wait! Another park is vying for the rotten crown. Blog Greenpointers relays the complaint of a new arrival in the neighborhood who wonders "why McCarren Park and Driggs and Bedford Avenues are so full of trash and why the municipalities are essentially ignoring the trash buildup that occurs, despite the growing population and influx of both homes and people into these areas." The battle lines have been drawn: It's the newly spiffed-up "Greenwich Village's backyard" vs. the booming playground of gentrified North Brooklyn. Which stinks worse?
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