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After 20-Month Dry Spell, Bridgeview Tower Lowers Prices

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Few things get our attention like that little downward arrow next to an apartment listing, which means we honed in quickly today on old acquaintance Bridgeview Tower. StreetEasy calls its location DoBro, the individual listings call it Dumbo, and we might call it Rambo. But names, schmames! What about sales?

Turns out 189 Bridge Street doesn't have much to report on that front. Its last recorded sale was a third-floor unit for $394,801 in July 2008 (with three units currently listed as in contract). Presumably tired of waiting for Mr. Right Buyer to come along, four languishing sponsor units are now trying the Chopper method, with 12 to 21 percent price cuts. The priciest, a 2BR, 2BA that was $941,000, is now $795,000.
Three other apartments have also gotten the Chopper treatment:

1) #14B: Originally asking $928,000, this 2BR, 2BA is now $815,000, a 12 percent cut.
2) #15A: First asking $710,000, this 1BR, 1.5BA was chopped to $644,000 a year ago and then another 15 percent to $550,000.
3) #15C: This 1BR, 1.5BA was first asking $622,000 and then got a PriceUpper to $632,000. It's now asking 21 percent less, $500,000.
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189 Bridge Street

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY