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Have You Seen These Missing Buildings?

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They are the saddest victims of the real estate downtown, born too late to avoid the credit crunch and other problems that have plagued new buildings, and too soon for developers to foresee the dark clouds on the horizon and pull the plug on construction. They are glitzy ghost towers of despair, so nearly complete and yet so lonely. So lonely! Here, a look at a handful of new developments trapped in purgatory. Got intel on their well-being? Know of another building in a similar situation? Hit the comments.

Building: 111 Kent
Listings: Went M.I.A. last May
Website: Going strong!
At last check: Made for a nice backdrop to the Williamsburg waterfront concerts last summer.
Phone: Disconnected. You do hate to see that.
Onlie chatter: Said one StreetEasy commenter, "Sounds like the model will be open for viewing the week of March 22nd." Followed up by: "As seems to be the case with every building in Williamsburg, they are running behind schedule. Sounds like the model will be open for viewing the week of April 5th!" Good luck with that.

Building: 290 Mulberry
Listings: Five active, none in contract
Website: Still kickin'!
At last check: Last we heard, the lenders were looking to foreclose or force a sale. That was back in November, and the SHoP-designed Nolita building has since added plenty of graffiti and that's about it.
Phone: Voice mail. Message left. Got a call back! The brokers are waiting for the developer's go-ahead to start showing units again, but they aren't sure when that will be.
Online chatter: Eerily quiet.

Building: 245 Tenth Avenue
Listings: Taken down last October.
Website: Still shiny!
At last check: Heil High Line!
Phone: Broker's voice mail directs to more broker voice mail.
Online chatter: Allegedly a broker switch was in the works when the listings were pulled, and then ... nothing. Maybe nobody's been able to get anyone else on the phone.

Building: One Rector Park
Listings: Seven listed in contract, oddly, and the rest went missing in '09
Website: As smooth jazzy as ever!
At last check: It's gone back to the bank. :(
Phone number: "You have reached a nonworking number..."
Online chatter: How's this? "Does anyone have an update on this building? I walked past it on Sunday, and the Security Guard was snoring."

Building: Park Columbus
Listings: 28 listings yanked exactly one year ago
Website: Nowhere to be found!
At last check: This rental-to-condo conversion, owned by troubled developer Yair Levy, was headed for foreclosure auction, but we're uncertain how that turned out.
Phone: Voice mail for YL Management, even though we called during business hours!
Online chatter: Nada. People are still probably recovering from the heartbreaking blow that was this project's gruesome death. Back to rentals?

Building: 15 Union Square West
Listings: None active right now, but two listings have sold for over $7 million, one in November and the other in January (above asking price). That right there is the sound of HOPE!
Website: "15USW will return soon: Grand opening March 2010." We're thinking they should get moving if they want to meet that deadline.
At last check: This puppy looks ready to go, but we're still waiting on the grand (re)opening with allegedly lower asking prices.
Phone: Voicemail. Left message. Waiting. Noticing a trend yet?
Online chatter: From a StreetEasy commenter: "This is actually one of the smarter buildings out there. They put the project on hold when money was getting tight in an efford to preserve the idea of the development." We dare you to try and make sense of that.

?Reporting by Alex Wood

290 Mulberry Street

290 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012

Union Square

, Manhattan, NY 10003