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120 Eleventh Avenue Penthouses Float Down From Stratosphere

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After a set of smaller chops that seem to have done not a whole heck of a lot for sales, 120 Eleventh Avenue is taking another swing with the old axe. The primary victims this time? Penthouses A and B in the former gay club and Life Savers factory turned starchitecture-surrounded lofts. Both penthouses were originally listed for $17 million (though A was ambiguously off the market for a time). Now both are asking $14.75 million, a 13 percent cut. Units #3B and #4B also got chopped, to $3.995 million and $4.795 million, respectively. Is that pricing reasonable, or still a few Life Savers short of a full roll?
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120 Eleventh Avenue

120 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011