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Yankee Stadium Destructoporn; West Village Brokerbabble

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SOUTH BRONX?Holy moly, checked in on the Yankee Stadium demolition lately? It's like one of those Discovery channel specials on how the world will look when humans become extinct. Full gallery here. [WCBS 880]

WEST VILLAGE?We always enjoy the antics of West Village superbroker Darren Sukenik, but one Curbed reader is not really feeling the brokerbabble on this $1.995 million 1 Morton Square listing: "'This is the ONLY line at Morton Square that has a Ballroom sized entertaining space.' Ballroom sized? He's talking about the 20’ x 20’ living room I assume? Other highlights: 'This sprawling space is sunblasted by floor to ceiling windows and hosts 2 exposures! ... Morton Square is the West Village's ONLY 6 star full service condo.' It goes on and on? also recently pricechopped." [CurbedWire Inbox]

1 Morton Square

1 Morton Square, New York, NY 10014