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The Scarano Hits the Fan: Instant React-o-Matic!

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After years of complaints about overbuilding resulted in little more than slaps on the wrist, news broke this morning that prolific architect Robert Scarano has been barred from filing new construction plans with the city. Since then, it seems like everyone has something to say about the man who, for better or, er, worse, shaped much of Williamsburg and other 'hoods during the real estate boom:

"Licensed professionals must understand they have an obligation to follow the law so the safety and quality of life of our neighborhoods are not compromised. Mr. Scarano repeatedly submitted false documents in an attempt to circumvent the law and have illegal buildings approved."?Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri

"For the last two years I worked closely with communities in calling for such a ban due to Scarano’s complete disregard for applicable City and State zoning laws. Robert Scarano, and any other architect, developer or contractor working in this city must be held accountable for their actions."?Public Advocate and vehement anti-Scaranoite Bill de Blasio

"In 50 years there will be a society of aristocratic old ladies dedicated to the preservation of Scarano's historic legacy."?anonymous Curbed commenter

"means nothing, another RA from his firm will sign off on the drawings and forms. this guy is something else."?Gothamist commenter JacqueMehoff

"Scarano could conceivably be described as an honorary founding member of CORD, as his 360 Smith design proved to be a rallying point that the group coalesced to oppose. (I kid, I kid . . . sort of.) His comeuppance was long past due."?Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens

"What goes around comes around."?Miss Heather

"Four years too late. What does the DOB Commissioner (current) have to say to that? Look at the NY Times article on the Finger building from 2006. They had him then, but slippery Scar-ano got away with a smack on the wrists. Will this latest development do any worse to him?"?Brownstoner commenter Action Jackson

"Robert Michael Scarano, Jr. is an architect based in Brooklyn, NY."?Wikipedia
· Robert Scarano May Never Work in This Town Again, DOB Says [Curbed]