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East Harlem Costco's High Parking Costs Sort of Explained; More!

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We recently launched a national version of Racked, which now lives at New York City coverage is now at Racked NY's new URL,

1) Midtown West: The Tourneau store is leaving Herald Square, and in its place there will be yet another Swarovski. We might be more excited about this if the kings of crystal hadn't just opened a Fifth Avenue boutique and a Soho shop and cafe. A plus: the latest outpost will be "designed to look like a modern crystal forest."

2) Soho: Mercer Street store Operations has closed, but it looks like someone forgot to tell the mannequins. A lot of them are still hanging around (above), along with bust forms, fixtures, and actual clothes. Hey, guys: it's over.

3) East Harlem: The powers that be at the East River Plaza Costco have finally spoken up in response to shoppers' complaints about the high cost of parking. And? Basically, not only does Costco say it's not their fault, it's not even their parking lot. And they aren't really sure why New Yorkers are so reluctant to just hop in the car and buy in bulk, either.

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