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West Broadway's Soho Mews Playing Let's Make a Deal

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When Soho Mews developer Albert Laboz told us he was willing to negotiate with buyers to help them avoid what he calls the "Schmuck Factor," the market for luxury condos was looking pretty grim. That was back in October, and though the high-end market has perked up a bit, a glance at StreetEasy's sales records for the building proves that Laboz has been keeping his word. The handful of closings since that day show some pretty steep discounts off the asking prices, which, by the way, were already PriceChopped in September. Examples: A $2.395 million 2BR, 2BA sold for 21% off ($1.875 million, still $1,500 a foot), and a $4.385 million 2BR, 3BA sold for 20% off ($3.5 million, or $1,658/sf). The 68-unit West Broadway development, made up of two Charles Gwathmey-designed buildings connected by an interior courtyard, is now slightly over one-third sold.

Here's the rundown of recent sales, via StreetEasy. Click on the pic to make it bigger:

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