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Robert Scarano May Never Work in This Town Again, DOB Says

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The mezzanine miscreant of Brooklyn (and er, the rest of the boroughs) may be on temporary hiatus. The Department of Buildings yesterday barred architect Robert Scarano from filling construction plans. The administrative law judge who issued the order accused Scarano of "deliberately overbuilding," with some filings "so deceptive that they call to mind out-and-out fraud," the Times reports. Not entirely new accusations for the controversy magnet, but this time Scarano was also done in by a single lamppost in East New York, where the judge found Scarano took pictures "that falsely gave the impression that a lamppost was farther away from a driveway than it actually was," in order to get construction approval for a project. But maybe he just held the zoom out button too long? We've all been there. The ruling might not completely derail Scarano's practice?the Times notes that another licensed architect in his office could submit Scarano's applications and plans to DOB on his behalf. Either way, we're guessing Scarano won't be putting in his planned appearance at 90 North 5th Street's cocktail party tonight.
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