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Williamsburg Fully Gentrified ... in 2011

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The owner of Williamsburg's Bagel Store confirms to Gothamist that the rumor posted on Eater (got all that?) about Starbucks taking over his Bedford Avenue space is true. The Bagel Store's Scott Rossillo says his landlord is doubling the rent (to $14,500), and when his lease expires in November 2011, the mermaid will finally establish a 'Burg base. He's not pleased: "I'm the first one in this warehouse to have my lease up for renewal, and the others are going to face the same situation. The landlord said to me, 'Scott, this property is going to be all big businesses who can pay me the price I want.' It's very sad." Landlord Yehuda Backer denies that he has a deal with Starbucks. [Gothamist; previously]