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Downtown's Biggest Resale Loser: This 30%-Off FiDi Co-op

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After putting together a mindblowingly extensive spreadsheet of downtown loft closings over the past 15 months, Manhattan Loft Guy broker-blogger Sandy Mattingly has now descended back into the data-crunching trenches to look at 14 lofts that sold in 2007 and recently sold again. Eight of went for more than the '07 prices, with the big winner being 92 Chambers Street #2, where the "fully restored" pad went for $1.3 million in late 2009, a 33.33% increase over '07. But selling at a profit? Who gives! We're more interested in the biggest loser of the bunch, 176 Broadway #12C. It sold for $975,000 in January, compared to an August '07 sales price of $1.375 million, a 29% loss. What happened to this place? Conspiracy theorists, speak up!

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