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Mercury Lounge Building Sold; Washington Sq. Park Trash Rant

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LES?After a year on the market, 217 East Houston Street?the five-story walk-up building that houses famed concert venue the Mercury Lounge on its ground floor?has been been sold, according to Massey Knakal brokers Philip Huang and Michael DeCheser. The amount paid was $5.275 million (the original ask was $6.5 million), and a local investor snapped it up. Don't worry, indie rock fans, the Merc is safe for a while. [CurbedWire Staff]

GRAMURRAY?When will Park Avenue South game-changer the Gansevoort Park hotel open? "Summer 2010," according to a not-very-specific press release from ownership (rooms will start at $495 per night). What are 29th Street neighbors looking forward to more, the light show or the tri-level rooftop pool/lounge? [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?Park-loving dogs just can't seem to catch a break. First it was the Inwood Hill Park goldendoodle getting nailed by cops, and now a Washington Square Park four-legged friend got busted for leaving a present in the park. And here's a tipster's gripe: The park is already a shithole! Rant ahead...

As anyone who frequents Washington Square Park in the mornings knows, the park is quite often strewn with garbage. There are not nearly enough trash cans and trash is not picked up at the end of the day, only the following morning. This morning (3/7), the park was covered in garbage as trash cans overflowed and visitors attracted by the beautiful weather yesterday had nowhere to dump their trash. Yet with the garbage all over, I passed an officer giving a ticket to a young woman whose puppy had pooped for a second time but who had unfortunately only brought one bag to clean up after her dog. The ticket was for $250. Dog owners need to be responsible but accidents happen. In the context of how filthy the park was this morning, there was absolutely no reason for the young woman to be ticketed. At the very least, the city needs to put more trash cans in the park and add a second trash pickup late in the day. After all the money that will be spent to renovate the park, the fact that is quite often covered in trash is just pathetic.