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Dumbo Building Will Give You Chimney Envy

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Snuggled up against the Manhattan Bridge, 133 Water Street?designed by barred-chitect Robert Scarano?has always been an amusing sight thanks to its too-close-for-comfort terraces. The condo-turned-rental has had plenty of problems in its past, but at least one of them has been solved, kinda. A tipster updates: "Back then, someone astutely pointed out the chimney on the neighboring buiding. Apparently either the tenants were getting suffocated or the FDNY or DOB took issue to the chimney. So they fixed it. Think the tenants are better off???" In terms of noxious fumes getting funneled straight into their apartments, yes. In terms of calming our intense need to cattily remark on their building, probably not.
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133 Water Street

133 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY