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Village's Provincetown Playhouse is Surrounded

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Construction of a new NYU academic building on MacDougal Street has swallowed up the historic Provincetown Playhouse, the shell of which is being preserved while NYU builds around and on top of the old theater. That process has had its mishaps, and broker-blogger Andrew Fine is wondering if the end result (renderings!) is even worth it: "All that is left now is a measly 12' tall by 15' wide piece (and the 3 walls inside supposedly) engulfed by the larger building. What is left is but a spec of what was originally there. This is not preservation. This is an insult." While Fine compares the project to NYU's God's Dorm abomination over in the East Village, the situation reminds us of another old facade awkwardly stapled to a new building, 211 Pearl Street. That one was a bit more extreme given the size of the new building and the furious (and failed) campaign to landmark the historic FiDi building, but this one sure has its critics, too.
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