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Theater Guru Wants Out of Soho's Celeb-Friendly 30 Crosby

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As we're starting to learn, every big real estate story in this town is somehow connected to Courtney Love. This one only needs one degree! British theater executive, Gawker folk hero and self-described flamboyant creature Laurence Isaacson used to be a neighbor of Courtney's at 30 Crosby Street, the Soho celebrity dorm currently trading in a Kravitz for a new set of Keys. Courtney had a rather messy exit from the converted loft building, which Isaacson was more than happy to discuss back in '06 when he put his 3,500-square-foot maisonette on the market for $6.45 million. It never sold, and Isaacson eventually pulled the listing. Now it's back with a vengeance, and without the lingering taste of Love, Isaacson is now seeking $7 million. Now that's flamboyant!
The 3BR, 4BA maisonette (once featured in Interior Design magazine) was designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, who also did Kravitz's penthouse upstairs and?we think?the building's common areas. The listing is thick with brokerbabble of the highest order, including terms like "materiality" and the use of the metric system (the price, sadly, is not given in euros). Is the place worth more now than in '06? Well, all it takes is one person to fall in love with having a private entrance into an esteemed Soho address. Oh, and this stuff doesn't sound so bad, either: "Out of doors, theatrical greenery meanders playfully on an ashen masonry wall, while sunlight gently steeps into the private rear garden, another delightful setting to receive guests. Lastly, a wine cave/enoteca is provided to store up to 500 bottles." More theater: the floorplan!

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30 Crosby Street

30 Crosby Street, New York, NY