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Strange Soho Rooftop Contraption All Up in Mike Myers' Business

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Chances are that Mike Myers got a tad verklempt when he heard that his neighbor was proposing a new roof-top structure across from his shagadelic digs at Soho's 501 Broadway (aka 72 Mercer). Myers reportedly bought a 4,000+ square foot duplex penthouse for $7.95 million back in 2007. Flipping through some floorplan porn shows that the Shrekster's roof is wide open, boasting a terrace with views over Soho. To the east, across the mid-block atrium that splits the building, sits the neighboring penthouse duplex, bought in May 2008 for $6.55 million by "Solstice Enterprises Company SA" out of Switzerland. The neighbor's plan, recently approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, calls for construction of a "rooftop addition and pergola." A mock-up in tape and two-by-fours is minimally visible from Broadway down below. This little portico could be a peerless place to get above it all, not to mention the perfect perch for keeping tabs on Dr. Evil's lair.
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501 Broadway, New York, NY