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Fluffy Goldendoodle Issued $50 Ticket in Inwood

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In response to an increase in crime at Inwood Hill Park, it seems like park officials are starting to enforce the posted 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. park closing times. With unfortunate consequences for blogger Manhattan Peak's fluffy goldendoodle, which was hit with a $50 trespassing ticket while out for its usual 3:40 a.m. walk with one of its owners today. MP has much to say on the subject, but what it all boils down to is the neighborhood's going to the dogs:

writing my husband a ticket for trespassing when he walks our dog every single night after his 14 hour shift at the restaurant is the most ludicrous thing ive heard to date around these parts. ive lived here for 14 years now and that is a whole lotta bullshit we’ve tolerated along the way. surely there are more dubious people that deserve this negative attention than my husband in his business suit and sneakers, smelling like last nights steak, walking our big fluffy goldendoodle – i mean, come on. Come on! Is that the face of a trespasser?
· Park Issues Daniel $50 Fine for Trespassing During Curfew [Manhattan's Peak]