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Chelsea's Celebrity Townhouse Tells Courtney Love to Ask Jeeves

How has the historic little townhouse at 436 West 20th Street managed to attract renters like Courtney Love and Olivier Sarkozy (half-bro of French President Nicolas Sarkozy)? Could it be the five-unit house's extensive renovation, which includes $100,000 chandeliers and windows made of bulletproof glass? Perhaps, but a case can also be made for the perks that come with paying $15k/month or more to live in the house, chief among them being the besuited Estonian man who hangs out in the hallway for four hours every day. Don't be alarmed, French Secret Service, that's just Ivo Juhani! The Post reports that Juhani, Graydon Carter's part-time manservant as well as an employee at the Vanity Fair editor's Waverly Inn restaurant, will be the house's butler and concierge. He'll light fireplaces, stock fresh flowers, work private cocktail parties and, if all goes according to plan, organize afternoon tea for the residents. Hear that, Courtney? Finally an audience eager to hear your opinions on France's urging of easier financing for global nuclear energy expansion!
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436 West 20th Street

436 West 20th Street, New York, NY