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Man Poses as Renter To Jump From LIC Building; More

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1) When sellers found themselves without buyers in the dark days of 2009, many agreed to rent out their places instead. But now the market's improved enough for buyers to emerge from hiding. For most sellers, that would be good news, so what's the problem? Those pesky renters won't go away. The developer of the Chelsea Modern has decided to take advantage, sending his building's renters fact sheets detailing how much money they'd save by buying in the building rather than renting. Is it working? Unclear. ['The Renter Roadblock']

2) An Astoria man posed as a prospective renter on Saturday so he could get into a 25th-floor apartment in Long Island City's Avalon Riverview North?and then he jumped to his death from the balcony. And the neighbors, even in the face of the tragedy, can't seem to hold back from rubbing in the building's amazing views: "I kept thinking what his last view was. I wonder if he looked at the Empire State Building." ['Distraught man in suicide plunge from luxury high-rise'/NYP]

3) For these Brooklyn hunters hoping to get out of a dark basement studio, finding a one-bedroom with an actual bedroom door proved surprisingly hard to do on their $1,500/month budget. Finally, they found a $1,450 one-bedroom on India Street with, yes, a real door. Now they no longer have to suffer each other's TV choices in silence. [The Hunt/'Hunters Revel in the Sounds of Silence']