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Some Say Domino Being Left to Decay on Williamsburg Waterfront

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It seems like every day brings another controversy regarding the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, so what makes today different? Today we've got two! Brooklyn's Community Board 1 is set to weigh in (in an advisory role) on the New Domino housing development tonight, and some are raising a stink over the associations between some boardmembers and groups connected to New Domino developer the Community Preservation Corporation. But that's the shady behind-the-scenes stuff. What about some drama regarding Domino itself? Here you go: The freakin' windows are open! An alarmed neighbor with an itchy Photoshop trigger finger sent along evidence that the refinery building?the lone landmarked structure on the site, and set to get a glassy rooftop addition?has been increasingly left open to the elements, which is a Domino complaint that dates back a long while. Our tipster smells conspiracy: "CPC wants the Domino site to fall apart as revenge or a 'vendetta' (more appropriate) for the landmarking of the building." Yep, emotions are running high on both sides, but according to the experts the window thing might not really matter.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission tells us they're "working with the developer to ensure the building is properly sealed." And by sealed the LPC doesn't necessarily mean shutting all the windows (let the future squatters handle it). The Domino building contains big scary machinery, not interior rooms that are subject to damage. What's important to keeping the building structurally sound is water-tight brick and mortar joints. That won't satisfy our tipster, who seemed to anticipate that argument when he sent us the following image. Just another day at Domino.

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