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Retail Terrorism at American Apparel; Equinox Freeloader Caught

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We recently launched a national version of Racked, which now lives at New York City coverage is now at Racked NY's new URL,

1) Williamsburg: Last Thursday, a group of guys in black attacked the Burg American Apparel at 104 North 6th Street (above), busting glass and burning trash. Now, American Apparel has released a statement saying that two people were arrested but that the attack was not, sadly, "a black-clad hipster uprising."

2) NYC: The city has selected its newest official condom design. Take a look here. Our verdict: amusing!

3) UWS: A law school student trying to get a free year of workouts using gym coupons got caught at the Columbus Circle Equinox. The manager's response to the freeloader's explanation: "Well, maybe you just can't afford it. Equinox isn't for everyone, you know." Much of Greenwich Village would probably agree.

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