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Journey Ending for PriceChopped Tribeca Penthouse

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Penthouse A at Tribeca's 62 Beach Street wanted $12.1 million for its 5BR, 4BA, two-terrace duplexity when it first came on the market in June 2007, but there were no takers. When it left the market in August '08, the price had been chopped all the way down to $8.95 million. The property returned just last month with a more photogenic listing and a 6 percent cut to $7.95 million, about 34 percent lower than the initial asking price. And somewhere out there was a buyer with the magic number, because the property is now listed as in contract. Looks like another, smaller penthouse in the building sold in '08 for $5.59 million, 11 percent off its ask. Any bets on the final sale price here?
· Listing: Fischer-Mills Duplex Penthouse [Sotheby's]
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Fischer Mills Building

62 Beach Street, New York, NY